PureGusto Iberital Intenz Commercial Coffee Machine 2 GROUP

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PureGusto Iberital Intenz Commercial Coffee Machine 2 GROUP has the following specifications Iberital intenz commercial espresso machine the iberital intenz is an espresso machine made to satisfy the most demanding tastes. Designed to withstand intensive use and meet high performance expectations, the iberital intenz is as robust and precise as it is sophisticated and versatile. Every one of the intenz’s curves exudes style and attention to detail. From its metallic finish, rounded and smooth to the touch, to its sensitive, ergonomic buttons, and its stylised, lightweight profile. The cohesion between its components gives the intenz a single, uniform structure. Technical specifications adjustment of the touchpanel settings. Front panel can be removed enabling easy access inside the machine. Boiler capacity: 1gr – 6l; 2gr 10,5l – 14l; 3gr 20l heating element: 1grp – 1800w-2400w 2grp – 3000w-3800w 3grp – 5000w-6000w

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