Reserveage Nutrition Resveratrol (250mg, 60 Vegetarian Capsules)

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Reserveage Nutrition Resveratrol (250mg, 60 Vegetarian Capsules). The Reserveage Story Reserveage┢ Organics began with the simple observation: the French retain their youthful radiance longer despite their high-fat diet. This observation, known by the medical profession as the “French Paradox”, revealed that the French had a natural solution to better support Americaâ€TMs health. Over a decade later, Naomi Whittel, Reserveage Organics CEO and Dr. Eric Lafforgue, a leading French M.D., set out to share the French secret of preserving youth with Americans. The seed of inspiration took root and thus Reserveage Organics was founded. Whittel and Lafforgue began with the fundamental goal of sharing the finest French polyphenols with Americans. One of these active polyphenols, Resveratrol, has been scientifically proven to be the element in red wine that increases cellular productivity and longevity, leading to a longer, healthier life. Thus the search began in organic/biodynamic vineyards that would provide the purest and most potent levels of these active polyphenols. After an exhaustive search, they discovered a vineyard situated in the rustic heart of Southern France, which met their strict requirements. Under the thorough care of seventh-generation family vintners, the land produced award-winning wines that have graced the tables of internationally renowned chefs. Following meticulous and substantial scientific testing of the organic grapes, seeds, stems and vines, Whittel and Lafforgue knew they had found the source for their superior Resveratrol. While securing exclusive rights to the vineyardâ€TMs raw material, they partnered with a state-of-the-art polyphenol manufacturing facility only minutes from the vineyard. The plantâ€TMs close proximity and pre-eminent organic chemists ensured that Reserveage Organics supplements would be unsurpassed in purity, potency and freshness. Whittel and Lafforgue then began developing a unique and proprietary extraction process that preserved the essentia

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  • For the ultimate defense against the environmental and age-related factors
  • Has the ability to activate the SIRT1longevity gene
  • Ensures maximum nutritional protection against aging factors

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