Nitecore EA81-2150 Lumen, 462 m beam range, 8 x AA Mignon cells

Price Nitecore EA81-2150 Lumen, 462 m beam range, 8 x AA Mignon cells postage for all metropolitan areas while in the Uk in between Bermondsey

Nitecore EA81-2150 Lumen, 462 m beam range, 8 x AA Mignon cells has the following specifications NiteCore EA81 Hammer for 8 AA batteries NiteCore
the new you can safely be considered as Outdoor Searchlight
EA81 and with new XH-P50 shows NiteCore 8 Mignonzellen what you get, and the LED provides maximum 2150 Lumens the operation shall be carried out via the Side Switch to the new Dual voltage of even the anzeigt. batteries
the EA81 has 5 brightness levels plus special modes, SOS Beacon (Strobe)
performance and life
Turbo (2150 lumens for approximately 1.75 hours
High (1200 lm), approx. 2.5 hours Mid
(480 lumens for approximately 7 hours
80 lumens (Low): 32 hours.
Micro (1): approx. 810 lumens hours
, Strobe and SOS Beacon The Advanced
temperature (ATR) Regulation ensures the pointless runtergeregelt, but the depending on the temperature. Performance lamp. runtergeregelt NiteCore
Box contents: Holster, E81, Lanyard and Spare Sealing Ring, 8 x AA AA batteries

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  • 2150 lumens
  • 462 metre light range
  • Includes 8 x AA Mignon cells

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